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IGNITE.FIT is a boutique gym in Berlin which helps individuals get in shape and achieve their highest level of fitness.


IGNITE.FIT is a boutique fitness studio

in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

IGNITE offers multiple formats of functional training and nutritional advice, making it the ideal combination for your long-term success and fitness maintenance.

Group Personal Training

Training session with max. 6 other participants under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer.

Personal Training

Your personal trainer will accompany you from the first step to your desired results. Personalised fitness and diet plans would be designed according to your goals. If you're under time constraint or you have an injury, this would be an option for you!

Nutrition Plan

70% of your training success depends on what you do in the kitchen! Our nutrition expert can give you specific recommendations for your personal situation.

Combined Expertise

The IGNITE Team consists of top trainers that bring different training styles and knowledge together. You are assured that you will get the best training advice and session from each category of fitness we offer. Unlike other places, here trainers work together to create fitness programs or coach you to achieve successful long-term results for you.

Post Rehab

The motive of post rehab is to bridge the gap you have between rehab and full physical fitness. The program is designed according to the injury you sustained while working in depth to achieve strength or full mobility in that region.

Company Training

Any company that invests in employees’ personal health development is investing in their own success. By providing ongoing training for your employees, you are creating a workplace that is adaptive, resilient, flexible and ready for change.


What we can help you with

Core Stability
Weight Loss
Post Rehab
Pain Management
Pre/Post Natal
Triathlon Prep. Training


Expert training classes

Our classes are organized around four areas of fitness to give you the most benefits and help you reach your goals faster. To see the coming classes, check out the calendar.


This workout generally combines short bursts of intense exercises with an even shorter period of recovery time. The session is designed for 45 mins of non-stop PUMP. You will be using the kettlebells, TRX and your own weight as resistance. So get ready to feel that heart pounding to the beat!


You will learn the most important techniques, such as squats, press and deadlifts from scratch. This training is aimed at both absolute beginners and advanced users who want to improve their technique and gain power. You will be pushed to your limits and lift heavy under a safe environment. The trainer will guide you on how to increase your lifting weights while making sure you master each step to that!


This workout gives you strength, endurance, agility and speed in one. Obviously, here you get sweaty and you will feel the burn every minute. Give it all, power up and have fun.


Mobility has been forgotten by many but it is now making highlights again. Here in IGNITE mobility is top priority. We teach and educate you on the importance of mobility while incorporating it in all our training as having great mobility helps you to easily execute lifting and movement techniques at ease. So get moving!


Meet your fitness experts

Sillse Giesen

B.A in Sports and Training Science, former professional Ski- athlete & Expert in Endurance/Athletic Training  (Running, Triathlon, Boxing, Field Hockey). More info

Dinesh Ramakrishnan

B.Sc. in Nutrition & Exercise Science, former semi-professional Powerlifter,Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Advanced Health Specialist. More info


What our clients say about us

4.8 out of 5 on Google

Since 2016, IGNITE.FIT has been helping hundreds of Berliners to get in shape and reach their fitness goals.

"I am so happy I found Sillse! I was able to become an enthusiastic runner once again, after struggling with any cardio activity for the last 8 years due to respiration problems. She always made me feel comfortable and safe which allowed me to progress quickly. Her expertise helped me to get an overall better form while running which significantly lowered the impact on my knees and prevented me from wasting my energy (not swinging my arms anymore around me).After 2 months of running with her, I felt comfortable for the first time to go on a run by myself in years. Her training had a significant impact on my overall health and I am super motivated to work out with her. Looking forward to the next milestones.

The training with Dinesh is really amazing. He adjusts the training to my personal needs and limitations while still pushing me in a healthy way. I never had a personal trainer before who understood the physiology of bodies so well. Dinesh truly focuses on the full picture to achieve your goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Really looking forward to when sessions are possible again!"

Dominique Läser


A boutique gym in Prenzlauer Berg

We were one of the first Group Personal Training (GPT) studios in Germany. Each GPT is led by an experienced personal trainer. The number of participants is limited to 6 max. Unlike ordinary gyms, we focus on the achievements of every single member of the studio. Personal care is our top priority and we are always open to feedback on improvements. You will find us in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg right in the Kollwitz Kiez.

Interested in renting this space? Get in touch with us.



Membership plans and package prices

Group personal training

Every session counts 45 minutes


1 session

25 € per session

2x per week

8 sessions

15 € per session

3x per week

12 sessions

12.50 € per session

Package session

Valid for 1 year


10 sessions

22.50 € per session


20 sessions

19.50 € per session


30 sessions

18 € per session

Personal training

Every session counts 50 minutes

One session

1 session

119 € per session

2x per week

10 sessions

95 € per session

3x per week

20 sessions

85 € per session

Want to keep your employees fit? Get in touch with us to receive an offer for your company training.

Get started with your training

"Thanks to training with Dinesh and Sillse every week (3x) and intermittent fasting (16-8) I was able to completely transform my body. Important to note that I was already training 3-5 times per week before and eating relatively healthily… I believe especially 2x per week training with heavy weights w Dinesh as well as balancing this with HIIT with Sillse was key. Also learning that was enough vs trying to train every single day was eye opening for me. Massive thanks to both Dinesh and Sillse for their help!"

Ineke P.

Frequently asked questions

Where are our training locations?

Indoor training:

  • Husemannstrasse 32, 10435 Berlin – See map

Outdoor training:

  • Fröbelplatz on the basketball court – See map
  • Volkspark F’hain – See map
  • Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg – See map
Cancellation of training sessions

The booked training sessions (PT incl. nutritional consultation, GPT) can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the appointment without deduction from the number of training sessions purchased by emailing or using the designated booking system. In case of later cancellations, the training units will be classified as completed with the consequence that the number of purchased training units will be reduced accordingly. If 3 booked training sessions are not cancelled within one month, IGNITE House reserves the right to delete all advance bookings made by the member up to this point. The member is at liberty to then re-book available appointments.

Term, contract extension

If a membership contract with a term of up to 4 weeks is not terminated with four weeks' notice to the end of the respective term, it is automatically extended by 4 weeks in each case. The same applies if all units of the respective term have been used up. In this case, you have the choice between starting a new term and upgrading to a tariff with more units. The difference is due immediately. Notice of termination must be given in writing in accordance with clause 15.2 and must be received by IGNITE House in good time; an email does  satisfy this written form requirement. The relevant start of the contract is decisive for termination at the end of the minimum term.

Suspension of the membership contract. The member has the possibility to suspend his membership. A period of rest comprises 7 consecutive days. A fee of 10 Euros shall be charged for each rest period commenced. The number of rest periods is not limited. During the rest period of the membership contract, the main obligations of both parties shall be suspended; furthermore, the membership period shall be extended by the respective rest period.

Urban Sports Club members
  • Please use IGNITE Mindbody app and the USC to book your session.
  • L & XL are permitted to use the Indoor training (GPT) 4 x times per Month (8 Sessions in total 4 GPT and 4 Bootcamps) or (8 Bootcamp Session Outdoor)
  • M members (4x Bootcamp Session Outdoor)
  • USC members who overuse get CHARGED the WALK-IN price (25€)



Husemannstrasse 32

10435 Berlin



Dinesh: 0176 86004269 (speaks English)

Sillse: 0157 76623601 (speaks English, German and Dutch)

Opening hours








07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 21:00

07:00 – 21:00

09:00 – 13:00

09:00 – 13:00

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Sillse Giesen

My Strengths: Weight loss programs, Core & Balance, Coordination & Awareness, Strength & Endurance, Skiing, Running/ Triathlon & Boxing.

Ever since I can remember, sport has been my great passion. With my studies in sports and applied training sciences, I am turning this dream into reality. I have been able to directly apply my knowledge from my studies, as a competitive athlete in skiing, as a passionate hockey player, runner, Boxer and triathlete. This experience is invaluable in my role as a personal coach.


  • B.A in Sports and Training Science
  • Zert. Personal Trainer
  • Zert. Fitness Trainer A+B 
  • Zert. Ski Trainer
  • Zert. Run Trainer
  • Zert. Triathlete Trainer
  • Zert. Boxing Trainer (Gleason’s GYM)
  • Zert. FMS Level 1+2
  • Zert. Functional Trainer

“Balance is created, not found”

Dinesh Ramakrishnan

My Strengths: Strength and conditioning programming & training, body toning, Postural and Motor Behaviour correction, Post Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Natal training, Mobility & Stability Training & Multi Level Functional Movement training.

Born into a family of fitness enthusiasts & doctors, from a young age I have actively engaged in sports like wrestling, football, rugby and powerlifting. During my military career I suffered two injuries to my lower back (herniated disc) and shoulder (rotator cuff tear) which changed my career pursuit as an engineer to a sports scientist. I was eager to figure out a way to rehab myself in quick time to enable me to move around without painkillers and do what I liked. So the journey started and I was able to achieve what I wanted, ever since then I am passionate about inspiring people to become a better version of themselves against all odds physically and mentally.

I combine a scientific background from my studies with years of international working experience in the field of sports and sports rehab to allow me to effectively coach a wide range of clients to move freely without pain.


  • B.Sc. in Nutrition & Exercise Science
  • Cert. Level 3 Personal Trainer (Skills Active)
  • Cert. Level 6 Advanced Exercise for Health Specialist (EREPS)
  • Cert. Strength & Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)
  • Cert. Exercise Therapy Specialist (ISSA)
  • Cert. Corrective Exercise Specialization (NASM)
  • Cert. Performance Enhancement Specialist (ISSA)
  • Cert. FMS Level 1+2 (FMSC)
  • Cert. Exercise Recovery (ISSA)
  • Cert. Prenatal and Postpartum Training (ACE)

“Start where you are. Use what you have.

Do what you can. Never give up.”

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